Navigating Nesting Bird Season

We are now in the full swing of nesting bird season and most jurisdictions require a survey prior to tree or vegetation clearing.

A survey is usually done first thing in the morning in the days preceding the work, or on the day of the work, depending on the extent of the project.

Redcedar Environmental has experienced and trained staff that can assist with your project on short notice.

Five years in business

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Redcedar Environmental turns five today. We have grown so much in the last five years, not only in numbers, but also as professionals. We have dedicated a lot of energy towards learning new skills and acquiring new certifications. I have been a Certified Arborist for a couple of years now. The skills and knowledge that […]

A reading list for environmental consultants

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My business partner, Ryan Anderson, owner of OTG Developments Ltd. ( has been known to say that being a consultant is easy: all you have to do is read. He is correct, and in that spirit, I have created a must-read list for environmental consultants, presented in no particular order. Water Sustainability Act, Riparian Areas […]

Redcedar Environmental turns 4!

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Redcedar Environmental is officially four years old today. We have been working incredibly hard, and we’re all pleased to see the company growing and providing great opportunities to the team while managing some very challenging projects. We’re looking forward to many more years ahead.

Consulting Arborist Services

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I’m happy to announce that I am now an ISA Certified Arborist┬« with the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification. I am looking forward to bringing the high standards of tree protection supported by the ISA to my everyday practice, and exploring new ways of helping our customers on their development projects. Contact us to see if […]

Getting the right information quickly

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We have found that many of our clients need to make informed property purchase decisions on very short notice. Using our GIS technology we have been able to accurately map out environmental constraints and provide this information to civil engineers to determine if a parcel is reasonably developable. While GIS mapping is not as accurate […]

Nesting Bird Surveys

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It’s might seem a bit early to start thinking about nesting birds, and that’s precisely why it’s the right time. Most songbirds won’t start nesting in earnest for a couple months. Preparing a site for development now can help prevent delays in the spring and summer. Before grabbing a chainsaw, it’s worth remembering that some […]

Riparian Areas Protection Regulation for Developers

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This blog post has been created to provide additional information to developers regarding the Riparian Areas Protection Regulation. In 2006, the provincial government created the Fish Protection Act (now the Riparian Areas Protection Act) to provide legislated protection for streamside areas. The Riparian Areas Protection Regulation (RAPR) Assessment Methods were released at this time to […]

When should you pipe or move a stream?

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The short answer is never. The best practice is to design a development around environmental features, and not the other way around. While streams can pose serious restrictions to the development potential of a site, these are protected under the provincial Water Sustainability Act, and will likely also soon be subject to protection from the […]